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Top Rated Plumber in Saratoga Springs, NY Introduces Customer Service Tracker App

By Jon Ching on January 30, 2019

J2 Plumbing and Heating has recently introduced their customer service tracker app. Using this app, customers can request appointments from our extensive service offerings, such as furnace repair or an annual cleaning, HVAC installation, or a plumbing emergency that needs an on call plumber.

On the day of the appointment, customers are able to view the profile of the plumbing and heating or HVAC specialist that will be helping them, any notes they have left for the customer, and their estimated time of arrival. The time of arrival is updated in real time based on the plumber’s schedule, which is maintained by the tracker app, as well. This function allows for the most precise estimated time of arrival, so you won’t have to take an entire day off waiting around for your service ever again.

In the case of an emergency, J2 Plumbing & Heating has professional on call plumbers to serve Saratoga County at all hours of the day. This customer service tracker app allows customers peace of mind when requesting an emergency plumbing service because they are introduced to their plumber via the app before the plumber ever steps foot in their home. Any service quotes are completed through the app and mobile payment options are available for a for seamless service during a presumably stressful time for the customer.

This proprietary technology was developed for J2 Plumbing and Heating by Electric Enjin, a digital marketing agency located in Norwalk, CT. The goal for this web app was to allow J2 to better serve their clients and to be the most efficient plumber in Saratoga Springs, NY and the surrounding areas.

“I’m very excited to see how the tracker improves our business’ customer service. My goal for the tracker is to provide a transparent customer experience, as well as make our plumbers more efficient,” said Jon Ching, Founder of J2 Plumbing and Heating.

Now that the app is up and running, J2 Plumbing and Heating hopes to soon expand their service area outside of Saratoga County to better serve New York State.

If you have any further questions about the tracker app or about J2’s plumbing, heating and cooling, and repair services, call us today at 1-833-523-4948.

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